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  • در صورتی که می خواهید در بخشی از این وبلاگ سهیم باشید و نویسنده مطالب این وبلاگ شوید از طریق ایمیل یا نظرات ما را مطلع سازید.
    -گروه نانو فناوری-
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  • دانلود Physical Properties of textile fibres

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     Physical Properties of textile fibresKey Features

    A standard reference on key aspects of fibre performance

    An essential read and reference for textile technologists, fibre scientists, textile engineers and those in academia

    Provides substantial updated material on fibre structure and new test methods, data and theories regarding properties of textile fibres


    First published in 1962, and now in its fourth edition, Physical properties of textile fibres has become a classic, providing the standard reference on key aspects of fibre performance. The new edition has been substantially reorganised and revised to reflect new research.

    After introductory chapters on fibre structure, testing and sampling, the book reviews key fibre properties, their technical significance, factors affecting these properties and measurement issues. Each chapter covers both natural and synthetic fibres, including high-performance fibres. The book first reviews properties such as fineness, length and density. It then considers thermal properties and reaction to moisture. A further group of chapters then reviews tensile properties, thermo-mechanical responses, fibre breakage and fatigue. Finally, the book discusses dielectric properties, electrical resistance and static, optical properties and fibre friction.

    Written by one of the world’s leading authorities, the fourth edition of Physical properties of textile fibres consolidates its reputation as a standard work both for those working in the textile industry and those teaching and studying textile science.


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